Graphic Design
Vancouver Playhouse Wine Festival

Vancouver Playhouse Wine Festival

Being the host region for the Vancouver Playhouse Wine Festival was nothing less than a huge deal. The Wines of British Columbia wanted to make sure we created something that hit home the fact that our wines, like our land, are special. We think what we created did a pretty good job. Here’s a small...
Wines of British Columbia - Our land revealed.

Wines of British Columbia – Our land revealed.

Here’s to a beautifully small wine region. We built the brand platform, redesigned the logo and gave events strange names like “What goes with fish? And “Chef meets Grape”. We built a website, a lot of cut case cards, and we even made a few people uncomfortable with a headline about how our wines are...
Foam OnlyBrand Identity

Foam Only
Brand Identity

Foam Only is a wonderful new business that has single-handedly created the answer to the question, “What the #@$! do I do with this styrofoam?” This is a question that should have been answered long ago. And that was the inspiration of this nostalgic logo that hints back to that Pleasantville era when everything was perfect;) It needed a simple,...
Baja MiningAnnual Report

Baja Mining
Annual Report

Pearly&White Creative Director/ Photographer, Ken McCarty, and Freelance Photographer, Noel Hendrickson, headed south to Mexico’s Baja Peninsula for six days to capture an image library for Baja Mining’s marketing and PR material. Our simple plan? Bring out the art and beauty from what at first glance would look like chaotic and busy construction site. One...
BC Egg Producer's 2011 Annual Report

BC Egg Producer’s 2011 Annual Report

Just finished up the 2011 BC Egg Annual Report. It was a fun one to work on. The scrap book look and feel is intended to support the family culture embedded in the BC Egg Industry. Commissioned by StationX, we were asked to lead the creative development and design, it was great to work with...
Do you know about the upcoming Earth Summit? You should.

Do you know about the upcoming Earth Summit? You should.

Pearly&White Communications was approached by some very enthusiastic and passionate people who had something important to say, but weren’t sure how to say it. Now known as The Earth Summit Coalition, the group required one key idea for the various communications, events, fundraisers, etc. to fit under. The goal was to prove to all Canadians...
Prism Engineering: Branding & Identity

Prism Engineering: Branding & Identity

It’s always a great opportunity when a client calls and requests a new brand from the ground up. Once we got to know them, we started with the identity and it grew from there to almost daily phone calls looking to inject the brand into everything from collateral to the office environment. Today, Prism is...