Pearly&White Communications was approached by some very enthusiastic and passionate people who had something important to say, but weren’t sure how to say it. Now known as The Earth Summit Coalition, the group required one key idea for the various communications, events, fundraisers, etc. to fit under. The goal was to prove to all Canadians that together, they have the ability to influence and lead change at the upcoming Earth Summit in 2012. So, we created the We Canada Initiative. We gave it a name, a look, and much more. Enough communication tools for, what started as a few people in a coffee shop, is now over  40 people working on the brand across Canada. Ad we’re just getting started. We’re proud to have donated our time to something we believe to be so important for the future. Have a look below at just some of the brand elements below. And be sure to check us out on Facebook.



We CANADA Vignette_White Base from AKASH VERMA on Vimeo.