Or maybe “unstructure” is a better word. We aren’t really walls, bricks and mortar, expensive boardroom chairs or even a nicely appointed reception area with a vase that gets fresh cut flowers every day. But when you decide to work with a communications company, that’s not really what you should be buying anyway. So why is it that’s a lot of what you end up paying for?

What a communications company should provide you is original thinking and great work, not an image, a Proprietary ProcessTM, or a free lunch at a nice restaurant that ends up being billed back to you anyway. And if the original thinking and great work comes from a couple of guys living in a van down by the river, we say buy it. It’ll cost you less and earn you more. And that’s really what it’s all about, return on investment.

We’re a team of communications professionals who believe in the bottom line accountability of what we do. Marketing communications sells stuff. Period. If it doesn’t sell stuff, stop doing it. Period.

We are all primary points of contact. You speak directly to us, so nothing ever gets lost in translation. We come to you. Or if you feel like getting away from the office, the phone calls and the “do you have a minute’s”, we’ll find a place for us to meet. We’ll even get coffee brought in. But no muffins. Muffins just end up getting thrown out.

We use our experience and expertise to assemble teams for projects larger than our immediate capabilities and pick our partners with an inscrutable eye for solid thinking and original ideas. Partners with the passion of entrepreneurs who work hard and don’t punch clocks.

So, maybe there is a structure to our unstructure – a no-frills one of original ideas, smart, uncomplicated thinking and a belief that what we do for you can and should have measurable impact on the bottom right hand corner of a spreadsheet.



















photo: By Omer Simkha [CC-BY-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons