Here’s to a beautifully small wine region.

We built the brand platform, redesigned the logo and gave events strange names like “What goes with fish? And “Chef meets Grape”. We built a website,
a lot of cut case cards, and we even made a few people uncomfortable with a headline about how our wines are like our children, until we sell them.

We wrote the tour itineraries that showed us the regions and the sub-regions.

We know how deep the sand is on the Black sage Bench. Where the volcanos are. And what vineyards to tip toe through because someone might be sleeping there.

We know where the most intense sun on earth is. How sticky a Ponderosa Pine is. And what sage smells like.

We know that by the end of year one sales jumped 21 percent. And that today this quote is displayed on the BCWI website: “British Columbia VQA wine sales have doubled in the last six years to more than $182 million annually” It’s a pleasure to have been part of the team who guided that success.